My Goals are higher but i had lack of cocentration

In My schooling days when i was joined in Medha Gammar School which in kasibugga  Andhra Pradesh .I dont know english,i dont know math and  anything  i think it was year of 2005 at that time it was operating in talabadra .Till 5 th class i studied in governament school in my village ,when i joined in mgs they degraded me to 3rd class next year my shifted to kasibugga ,i used cycle to go to school i was in fourth class i was very poor in every thing studies,games ,everything even i cant talk properly .4th ,5th class also completed no change ,due some problems in my home my parents joined me in Hostel

at that time we were rich because idont know about problems of my family .we are in severe economical issues ,but i dont about those.In my 6th standard unfortunately i get top rank in IMO from that time everyone thinking i was genius but truly im not .come to studies i dont know any thing everyone called my scientist ,every one thing my IQ is more but im not ,they are thinking because in my class out of 21 members only 3 are good in studies than me ,ie my rank is 4 but come to true perspective no one in the class execept top3 of our class who are below me are wont study anything i studies something before exam i  didnot remember any thing ,when writing exams i remember some words what i had studied by connecting those i will exam teachers are not good thats why im getting 80% ,at school every one thinks im genius but im not i dont know anything ..continue in part 2.


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